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The Ikon Pass offers more than 40 destinations that offer skiers of all skill levels an experience in the mountains. Early birds can enjoy the best deals on next season’s pass by buying now.

A winter powder package includes steeps, powder caches through trees, child-friendly greens and park laps. With Ikon passes, you have access to all of these passes, often within the same resort.

An essential piece of winter gear is one Access pass. And now is a good time to save one. and have your calendar filled with Stoke all winter 2021-2022 and enjoy the best prices and deals of the year.

When we say all, we mean all skill levels and ages. Parents can share the fun with their kids and save up to $ 200 on kid cards when they buy an adult Ikon Pass.

Get your Ikon Pass early

Loneliness mountain; Photo courtesy of Ikon Pass

, ride this spring

for the 2021-2022 season and get instant access to spring skiing to the following destinations. Until the season closes, slide into the sunshine and spring slopes at:

  • Big Bear Mountain Resort
  • June Mountain
  • Trembling
  • lonliness
  • Sugarbush
  • Mammoth Mountain
  • Squaw Valley alpine meadows
  • Winter Park Resort

With a total of 44 destinations included in the pass, the possibilities for adventure are almost endless.

Get your Ikon Pass early

Here we’ve highlighted six resorts that demonstrate the variety of powdery experiences with just one Ikon Pass.

1. Snowshoe (West Virginia)

icon-pass-snowhoeSnowshoe; Photo courtesy of Ikon Pass

Snowshoe is the most snow-sure resort in the southeast and has 60 hiking trails and five off-road parks. One of the unique attractions is night skiing.

But what really stands out is that his village is on the mountain. The Snowshoe Village offers accommodation, dining and shopping. If you stay there, your morning runs are just a short walk away.

The park has three different areas and a rich history of logging and railroads, derived from the names of the wood slang slopes.

The terrain parks differ in their degrees of difficulty. Some are designed so that you can reach larger rails and slopes. Others are all about a family-friendly river through slalom maintenance. The mountain adventure is complemented by snowmobile routes and off-road RZR tours to explore the hinterland.

Snowshoe ‘s location gets snow, but the resort also improves on that by creating more snow amid a favorable mix of altitude and weather patterns. In fact, the resort offers a snow guarantee (and even insurance) so you can pre-book your trip.

Good for: Night skiing and quaint accommodation

2. Solitude (Utah)

Ikon Pass SolitudeLoneliness mountain; Photo courtesy of Ikon Pass

Solitude Mountain Resort The 1,200 acre area of ​​Utah in Big Cottonwood Canyon offers a number of experiences. Optimize your technique and enjoy the view of the gorge on flowing slopes. Then take your skills to the levels.

If you’re traveling from out of state, Solitude is 34 miles from Salt Lake and a reliable destination thanks to its more than 500 inches of annual snowfall.

Honeycomb Canyon and Fantasy Ridge offer double black powder caches and an off-piste experience. In fact, Fantasy Ridge now needs backcountry safety equipment.

There is a ski and ride school for newbies and children as well as a village full of other activities. The food scene is award-winning and offers quick options when all you need is a snack for a fine dinner at St. Bernard’s, which limits its four-course menu to 26 people.

Good for: Amazing views and runs off-piste

3. Sugarbush (Vermont)

Ikon Sugarbush powderSugarbush powder; Photo courtesy of Ikon Pass

Less than an hour from Burlington International Airport, Sugarbush makes the most of its 4,000-foot mountain backdrop with six areas home to 53 miles of hiking trails, freestyle terrain, and backcountry slopes.

Sugarbush Happy to apply as a two-in-one travel destination, where you can make plush or vintage depending on your mood. Lincoln Peak offers fine dining like Chez Henri, which has served traditional French cuisine for 5 decades, and hillside accommodation with in-room hot tubs for you to relax before bed.

Conversely, Mt. Ellen has the state’s tallest chairlift, a superb all-terrain park, and an elite ski racing academy. And it’s a designated US ski team development site. The skiers and locals like this area quite well.

That doesn’t mean you can’t play both worlds on the same day. A high-speed quad bike will take you back and forth to the two mountain bases.

You can work on skills in study areas and terrain parks, or enjoy runs of bumps and clearings on the way down. There are also 28 forest areas with different slopes for you to explore.

Sugarbush has hillside restaurants too, always a great resort feature no matter what area you ski in. You’re never far from the fun and can enjoy the scene and a meal from the sidelines.

Good for: Aprés and variety of terrain

4. Squaw Valley – Alpine Meadows (California)

Ikon Sqaw Valley skiingSquaw Valley Alpine Meadows; Photo courtesy of Ikon Pass

Another twofer – the valley has anchored itself in American ski culture through the 1960 Olympic Games and decades of first-class pistes in the midst of deep snow.

It is home to Moseley’s Run, a steep path that descends more than 1,000 vertical feet. Is right over the mountain Alpine meadows, the favorite of the more approachable local, with a lake view and huge bowls.

Squaw Valley ski area

Squaw Valley changes name to “derogatory and offensive”

Officials at the popular California ski resort announced that they will announce a new name in early 2021. Read more…

Beginners have designed an entire area just for them. The SnoVentures Activity Zone includes a carpet, mini snowmobiles, and other activities to ensure that your first time on the mountain is fun.

And no matter how serious you are with your curves on the slopes during the day, at night it is time to relax. There are many of the expected aprés options, but we’d like to refer you to one in particular: disco tubing.

Good for: Big drops, beginner activities and options

5. Mammoth Mountain, California

icon-mammoth-mountain-skiingMammoth Mountain; Photo courtesy of Ikon Pass

Mammoth is the tallest you can take with you in California. The mountain peak reaches a height of 11,053 feet and offers expansive views of the neighboring sierras, a 300 meter long descent, and access to unrestricted terrain parks.

There are a total of 150 hiking trails where you and your friends or family can find different ways to test and improve your skills, as well as different ways to explore the mountain.

The hemlocks attract experienced skiers who want to hide in powder caches in a natural environment. The in-depth hiking trails offer plenty of opportunities to get extra air for those with the skills.

This destination has one of the longest seasons in the Ikon family. mammoth is known for its snowpack of more than 400 inches per year and often stays well into midsummer.

Good for: Long runs, skiing in the early and late season

6. Winter Park Resort (Colorado)

Ikon-Winter-Park-Ski-PowderWinter park powder; Photo courtesy of Ikon Pass

Colorado’s longest continuously operating ski area has stayed for a variety of reasons. It’s the closest major resort to Denver, and travelers can take a train direct from the airport.

And by large resort, we mean seven areas over 3,000 hectares with first-class slopes and legendary bowl areas. Aside from traditional skiing and boarding, Winter park offers uphill tours, tubing, ski-bike tours and much more.

It’s known for reliable snow, making it a popular choice for locals and visitors alike. Winter Park also likes to promote its laid-back Colorado vibe. You can focus on doing your best efforts on the mountain and then relaxing afterwards, be it with an aprés mary jane ale (is that Colorado enough?) Or in one of the village’s casual restaurants.

You will have plenty of views from 10,000 feet away, but you can go a little higher with your crew to take photos at Lunch Rock. At 11,200 feet, the views (and thin air) will be breathtaking – especially those of the Continental Divide and Parry Peak.

Don’t you take our word for it? USA Today has named Winter Park the No. 1 ski resort in North America twice.

Good for: Tradition, something for everyone

Mammoth mountain snowboardingMammoth Mountain; Photo courtesy of Ikon Pass

A deposit in winter 2021-2022

Passes start at $ 399, and those early bird rates won’t last forever. Think of it as an investment in next year’s fun.

Get your Ikon Pass early

This article is sponsored by Ikon Pass. Check out the different passes and destinations available Here.

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