Wildland Trekking, Oboz Footwear Partner, offers guided kangaroo treks

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Oboz Footwear and Wildland Trekking have outdone themselves with this newest type of trekking tour.

Oboz Footwear and Wildland Trekking have teamed up to start Trail-A-Roos, a kangaroo hiking excursion. Trust us, these tours will undoubtedly beat any REI adventure.

Wildlands guided walks – organized and equipped with oboz – take you to some of the most epic places on earth (where Roos are, of course, at home).

Similar to wildland trekking guided llama hikesWildland Trekking also features kangaroos (trail buddy, pack mule, nap perch, whatever you need) and human guides. Each hiker and their equipment are customized to have a kangaroo companion based on the hiker’s experience and volume of equipment.

“With a strong stamina, a good demeanor and elastic bags for all of your extra luggage, kangaroos are the perfect hiking companions,” explained the organizers.

The guided tours are conducted in small groups of four to 12 people (plus an equal number of Roos). Trekking options range from a single overnight stay to a week-long backpacking excursion.

“We know you are going to fall in love with these Australian marsupials (just in time for US Fish and Wildlife to call). Taking part in a Trail-A-Roo adventure is something you won’t soon forget! “Wrote Oboz.

Book yours today.

Oh, and happy April Fools!

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