Work Sharp Precision Knife Sharpener Overview: Razor-Like Edges on a Funds

Work Sharp follows a proven formula for making exceptionally sharp knives with the Precision Adjust Knife Sharpener. We used it to sharpen a couple of pocket and kitchen knives for this review.

The goal of many modern knife sharpeners is to keep a repeatable edge angle between the honing and the knife steel. In this way, the knife sharpening tool removes many human errors and greatly reduces the time it takes to learn to sharpen a blade.

Good knife sharpening systems make sharpening easier and allow a novice to repeatedly get razor sharp edges with just a little practice.

In the fall of 2020, Work Sharp entered the precision sharpening game with a system that will look familiar to anyone who has been watching the knife market for a while. Get to know the Precision Adjust Knife Sharpener.

In summary: The Work Sharp Precision Adjust knife sharpener ($ 60) offers a reliable system that gives great results for a very reasonable price. It competes with systems similar to that Lansky Deluxe 5-stone system. It can also compete with more expensive products like this Wicked Edge GO.

However, the Work Sharp system keeps the price low by using lighter materials and plastics compared to more expensive, professional alternatives.

Precision knife sharpeners: this is how it works

The Work Sharp Precision Adjust Knife Sharpener has a smart, practical design. It starts with a plastic platform that you can place on a workbench, table, or desk. On top of it is an 8 inch high tower that has a screw system inside that can be used to raise and lower the point where the sharpening rod is attached to the tower.

By turning the screw, you ultimately change the angle of the sharpening bones attached to the rod against the blade of your knife – from 15 to 30 degrees. While the brand says “in one degree increments” the reality is that it is infinitely adjustable between its endpoints.

Work Sharp Precision Adjust Knife Sharpener Review

Numbers and lines along the tower clearly indicate the current sharpening angle.

The hon itself has three sides: a 320 grit, a 600 grit, and a fine ceramic stone. Simply apply a little force and turn the stone onto the appropriate sharpening grain.

The knife is attached to a vice that protrudes from the side of the tower. You do not need any tools to tighten. Just push a small button with your hand. To switch sides, press the back of the button and the entire vise will rotate 180 degrees.

Precision Adjust Knife Sharpener Review

I’ve been using the sharpener for kitchen knives and outdoor knives for the past few months. While I think it’s an effective tool, it does have some drawbacks.


First the good. This sharpener works very well. Once you know the angle of your knife (which you can find by coloring the edge with a sharpie and honing until you have removed all the colors evenly along the cutting edge), you can adjust the angle for sharpening very quickly and easily.

As with all knife sharpening knives, I recommend keeping a list of your knives and the angle at which you are sharpening them to save time on honing or re-sharpening them in the future.

precise adjust-use-animation-1

The three stones are good for taking a knife from very blunt to very sharp. But for most knives, the best two will do. I use the ceramic honing machine most of the time as I try not to get my knives very boring.

The hon slides easily along the guide rod, and you can adjust the range of motion with a couple of small rubber plugs on the rod.

Putting a knife in the vise is easy; Just turn a knob to tighten or loosen the vise. A definite plus with this system is that you don’t need any additional tools and there is nothing to lose. Everything stays together as a package.


Now for the bad. While everything works as promised, I don’t like the way the vise is turned over to switch the sharpening sides. You will need to press on the back of the tool to loosen the vise and make it rotate 180 degrees. It’s not difficult, but it does take a little force, and I see the potential to cut myself while playing around with it.

This process also involves lifting all of the tools off the table for almost any knife that is longer than a small pocket knife. Otherwise, the table will simply not be cleared when turning. It’s not a big deal, but a minor inconvenience in an otherwise chosen system.

After all, I don’t like how much plastic Work Sharp is used in the product. I understand this comes at a great price that should appeal to a lot of consumers. But this one feels a little cheap compared to some of the more expensive competitors. It still works great, and at $ 200 less than some models, it’s certainly worth considering.

A great knife sharpener at a good price

My general thoughts about this knife sharpener are that it is a wonderful value. Those who wish to maintain knives themselves will find that this is a useful tool that should work on a wide variety of blades.

I would imagine it will work for a long time and seem solid enough. It offers a good alternative to some at a price similar to that Lansky Deluxe 5-stone system. And compared to the Lansky, the Work Sharp offers a simpler platform and more precise edge setting.

Work Sharp Precision Adjust Knife Sharpener Review

However, those looking to use a knife sharpener for years should consider spending a little more on other models like the Wicked Edge GO, which uses an all-metal construction, sturdier vices, and a wider variety of sharpening stones.

You can also mount them Wicked Edge GO on a workbench with vices, which makes the system more robust overall. But you have to spend an additional $ 200, so these products are a little bit of apples to oranges.

If you are looking for a good sharpener in the market that can make kitchen knives and outside knives super sharp, check out the Precision Adjust Knife Sharpener. It will definitely do the job and will require very little practice to do well.

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