“Worst vacationer on this planet” banned from public areas

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The man who staged several of his own public land violations has now been banned from practically everyone.

Last Friday, 35-year-old former professional skier David Lesh Received a stabbing sentence after US District Judge Gordon Gallagher officially banned him from millions of acres of public land in Grand Junction – every state in the US, in fact. These include, according to Judge Gallagher’s decision, “National Forests, National Monuments, Bureau of Land Management land and other federal assets.”

So far, he has walked in the country, rode a snowmobile in a wilderness area, rode a dirt bike in sheltered meadows, and was dumped in a watershed in Colorado. And everything was publicly documented.

In addition to entering public land (the crime he advocated), Lesh also brags about his illegal exploits on social media. In the comments he was called “the worst tourist in the world”.

And his demeanor and actions upset the residents who live nearby. More than 20 Colorado residents wrote to Judge Gallagher asking him to punish the defendant as severely as possible. Currently there is also one run by citizens Petition to revoke his business license (an outdoor clothing brand).

exceed public landLeft Lesh on Maroon Lake; Right, Lesh enters Hanging Lake while it’s closed

In addition to the ban, Judge Gallagher Lesh also banned Lesh from posting anything on a social media platform, “by himself or anyone else, in violation of state or federal laws in public areas” Colorado Sun reported. The ban applies at least for the duration of the federal court proceedings against Lesh.

At the beginning of October, Lesh made a plea to “not enter closed national forest areas and to obey open land rules”. Just weeks after agreeing to the terms of his plea, Lesh posted a photo of himself pooping in the Maroon Bells Wilderness near Aspen. (It is illegal to invade, swim, or wade in the Alpine lake, not to mention defecating.)

In court, Lesh’s lawyer pointed out the possibility that his client could have edited the photo or taken it before the judge’s order. But Judge Gallagher implemented the total ban in response to Lesh’s previous actions and her potential to incite copycat behavior.

“I find it appropriate to make changes (Lesh’s loan terms) … to protect the country not only from the direct actions of Mr. Lesh, but also from the influence that Mr. Lesh clearly has,” Gallagher said.

All current counts against Lesh are offenses. However, due to his recent actions and his decision to violate his plea, he may face further charges. The two cases against Lesh are ongoing.

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