YFood This Is Meals – Meal Drinks That Banish Starvation On The Go

What is it?

YFood This Is Food Complete Meal Taster Pack £17.95



  • Ready to drink meals with high-quality, healthy ingredients
  • Keeps you full for up to 5 hours 
  • Nutritionally balanced, containing 26 essential vitamins and minerals, complex carbohydrates, protein, fat, fibre
  • Lactose-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Vegetarian
  • 6 flavours to choose from

YFood This Is Food

What we thought

YFood This Is Food claims to offer healthy nutrition in every situation, containing 26 essential vitamins and minerals, complex carbohydrates, protein, fat and fibre and we got to try the 5 flavour taster pack which contains Smooth Vanilla, Alpine Chocolate, Fresh Berry, Cold Brew Coffee and Happy Banana.

On a recent camping trip, the morning that we were due to pack down and leave was the ideal time to give these a try. We didn’t want to waste time cooking breakfast and then having to wash up before we could pack down, so I went for alpine chocolate whilst my fiancé chose the cold brew coffee flavour.

They contain 400 calories each and claim to keep you full for up to 5 hours, so really can be regarded as a meal. We found that during the takedown and packing away the tent and camping gear and during our drive home, neither of us felt hungry. In fact, the drinks kept us both going until lunchtime, so they really did work well as a meal replacement.

We both liked the flavours we tried, the chocolate one was lovely, silky smooth and a nice flavour and my fiancé, who has since tried all the other flavours has like them all!

I had almost finished my shake when I looked at the ingredients, and I have to admit that it did slightly put me off reading vegetable and rapeseed oil. I know heaps of products contain various types of oil and it’s no different, but from that point on, all I could visualise was drinking oil… For a naturally skinny person like my fiancé however who doesn’t ever think about the fat content or calories in anything he eats, and in fact adds extra fat and calories to food at every opportunity, this revelation did nothing to put him off and he’s since happily worked his way through the rest of the flavours we were sent to try.

The verdict

The flavours are good and somehow, even when stored inside a tent for several days they remained cool to drink and are just like a milkshake. They were calorific and protein-rich enough to keep us going all morning and really are an effective meal replacement.

We think YFood meal drinks are ideal for days when you are on the go, travelling, out and about and particularly good for when you’re camping or out on a day hike. We also think that for wild camping, when perhaps you don’t need or want to take cooking eqipment with you, these would be ideal.

We really like that they are lactose and gluten-free and that the drinks are nutritionally balanced, but as a low-fat freak, the oil content did put me off a little. Irrational I know, as oils contain essential things like omega-3 which we need!

YFood This Is Food

That said, the flavours are great and we were impressed with their ability to keep us full, and I also really like that YFood are so transparent about the nutritional information and ingredients in their This Is Food range, so they still get a thumbs up from me and an even bigger thumbs up from him!

The taster pack at £17.95 is a great way to give them a try and discover your favourite flavours. Check out the YFood taster pack.

DISCLOSURE | Thank you to YFood who supplied the featured product to us to test. We were not paid to write this review.

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