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Brands like Orvis, Patagonia, and Benchmade Knife Company offer free or low-cost equipment repair programs that keep your favorite equipment in use for years.

One of the biggest worries when you are spending a lot of money on a high-priced item is its ability to persist for the foreseeable future. So, knowing that many brands offer repair programs to increase the longevity of the equipment you have worked so hard on can alleviate potential wallet worries.

With some companies, you only have to pay the shipping cost to renew your equipment. For others, modest repair fees undercut the need to purchase a new item.

But all around it is more sustainable and environmentally friendly to invest in an item and extend its future for as long as possible. And while these companies may stop selling equipment because of broken equipment, it’s a hell of a commitment to improving the outdoors to run programs like this that benefit us all.

Each of the following companies offer repair programs outside of the typical time-sensitive warranty issues. For us, this is what distinguishes them as sustainable leaders when it comes to keeping people fit and ready for action.

Equipment repair companies

Benchmade’s Lifetime LifeSharp program keeps blades in top shape.

Benchmade Knife Company

One of the bigger advantages of buying from Benchmade is that your knife can be professionally sharpened as long as you don’t lose it. With the free Lifetime LifeSharp program, you can simply pay for shipping and get your used blade back, as good as new.


Chaco, the ReChaco program, has long been repairing sandals. And it fixed a lot of them. In 2020 alone, it restored 21,000 couples to working order for their owners. For a small fee, you can have your favorite sandals re-soled, strapped on and upgraded for future adventures.

Danner boots

Danner’s Boot Recrafting Program offers an easy solution for popular boots. Resoling, reconditioning the leather and more are offered by the boot repair department. And for a small fee, you can have your favorite boots back in no time.


Repair any Deuter package for free and no questions asked, no matter how old the package is. If Deuter can’t fix it, it will offer a replacement for the package that is closest to you. The. Is. Service. Your.


Filson has an extensive repair program that explains in detail what it can and cannot do. But it offers a ton of different options, and if your equipment is out of warranty, a repair fee will be charged. Fair deal.


While there is no shipping repairs program, Fjällräven offers a full range of equipment repair guides, as well as in-store options to have equipment repaired on site.


This iconic brand offers some services that are really kickass. Both fly rod and wader have upgrade options starting at $ 60. And it will resole its boots for $ 39-43.


Climbers can look forward to the repair options from Metolius. Cams are repaired free of charge except for shipping. And when you have another repair, just call the brand and someone will help you figure out what to do next.

Mystery Ranch backpacks

An upfront investment, but a package for life. This is how I envision my own Mystery Ranch packs, and that’s a double downside to their great repair program. If packs need to be repaired due to usage, expect a reasonable fee to get your pack working again.


Norrona offers a full range of repairs on its website. And once you deliver a clean item to the brand, they can fix a whole lot. And that within a 14-day window. Pretty impressive.


Orvis recently announced that it will be repairing waders along with a range of other gear. It currently offers repairs for luggage, rods, reels, leather items and watches.

Osprey packages

No matter how old your Osprey is, the brand will fix it. And that at no cost except for shipping. It’s a formidable addition to its formidable range of packs, and it contains a wealth of information on how it all works. But essentially, once you buy Osprey, you have a pack for life. Epic deal.


Most people know Patagonia Worn clothing Program that allows you to buy worn and repaired equipment at an affordable price. But Patagonia also offers a number of options for gearbox repair. Have your equipment repaired at the store, or mail it in if you can’t repair it yourself.

red wing

The folks at Red Wing offer a deep submersible repair system that allows you to renew your Red Wings at a super affordable price. The brand even offers a top-notch repair package that covers a hell of a lot of property for just $ 115. But you can also fix minor problems for less money.


If your rod tip gets stuck in the car door (yes, I did) Redington will fix it. And luckily, it repairs a bevy of items for a small repair fee.

Simms fishing

Leaky waders are the worst. Thankfully, Simms has a great way to fix his items. Just get a Simms repair number, submit your item, and the brand will let you know of the deal.

Equipment that has been used extensively requires a small repair fee, but it’s definitely worth keeping your equipment in tip-top condition.

Sitka equipment

Sitka hunting equipment can be a big investment. And it will make up for that investment with a solid repair program. As with many other brands, devices with simple wear and tear can be repaired at a reasonable cost.

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