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ZRODelta pistol called the Modulus- and now what

May 18

American Sagittarius | Evaluate: ZRODelta Module



Modularity seems to be the next trend in weapon design. Modularity means that key components used in assembly can be removed and replaced with other components. effectively result in a different product. Many manufacturers offer rifles with barrels and stocks that can be changed quickly and easily.

Semi-automatic pistols are not immune and there are several modular handguns on the market now. Some of these guns are new designs while others are customizations. An example of the latter is a ZRODelta pistol called the Modulus.

The Modulus is a 9mm pistol based on the Glock G19 Gen 3, but with a few key differences. Most obvious is the frame. The Modulus frame is not molded from polymer, but made from aluminum. The central frame part is processed in such a way that it can accommodate different front and rear handle inserts as well as magazine slot extensions of different lengths.

The dust cover or the railing section in front of the trigger guard is also removable. It can be interchanged with different dust caps, which shortens or lengthen the frame in relation to the carriage used. Internally, the frame mainly uses G19 Gen 3 sample parts, although the magazine release looks more like Glock’s later Gen 4 piece. Based on the Gen 4, the magazine release can be removed and switched to protrude on either the right or left side of the pistol.

Module slides are available in three lengths. These are referred to as “Compact”, “Mandatory” and “Extended”. All three slides are equipped with front and rear clamping teeth and equipped with black steel sights. The slides are machined to accept red dot optics and come with a cover plate installed. More pistolas at